RSS Widgets

RSS Feed with Images Slide

Dsiplay5 allows you to add an RSS feed to any show that you would like to see news or current affairs loaded live. The RSS with images is at it sounds, a RSS widget that will show the story text from RSS as well as any images that are being broadcast with the story.



In the RSS Feed Source field, enter a URL or choose one from the library by clicking the Open List button.Select how many news stories you would like per page (the smaller the panel the less the stories per page should be). Enter the duration in seconds that you wish each article to stay on screen before switching to the next. You can also specify the font size and color for both the story and the headline. You can specify the size of the image that will appear with the story. You can enter the column width of the RSS feed (should be smaller than the panel width), the duration and schedule the slide if needed.



RSS Feed no Image Slide

The RSS Feed no Image slide is identical to the RSS Feed with Image slide described above, except for the fact that there are no story images that will appear. So, the image size options in the window which pops up to create the slide are not presented. Once again, set the background colour, duration, schedule and all the other properties listed for the slide above.


RSS Scrolling Stories one at a time


This widget is designed to play only one story at time on the screen.



You can also set the text properties and duration and all the other settings outlined above for the other RSS widgets, for this slide as well


RSS Scrolling Table Slide

The RSS Scrolling table widget is an animated RSS feed window that has the ability to scroll through RSS stories automatically.



As is the case for the other RSS widgets you will need to select a feed source, or enter a URL of your choosing and then specify if you wish to see images. You can then enter the number of stories per page (1-5) and then the font size of the stories. Because this is an animated panel it is a good idea to set 2 background colors that will indicate when a story is changing. You can specify the duration, background color of the slide and schedule for the slide as well.