Creating your First Show



From the left hand menu select the Create Show button




You will now be asked to select the orientation of the show you are trying to create, either Landscape or Portrait.


Once you have selected the orientation of your show you will have 4 different template types to choose from. Static, Adjustable, Free Design, and Free Design for Video Walls.


We recommend that you create a static template if this is your first time using Display5





Static Panels


This template choice will allow you to select from predesigned layouts or templates that are for industry standard screen resolutions.


Adjustable Panels


This template will allow you to select from predesigned layouts that are for industry standard screen resolutions, with the added ability to adjust the sizes for each panel.


Free Design


This template will allow you to create your own layout for industry standard resolutions.


Free Design for Video Walls


This template option will allow you to create your own layout for industry standard and other non standard resolutions, with the added ability to create custom resolutions for larger screens or video walls.



Once you have selected your template you will be brought to a new screen where you will need to enter information about your show. You will need to give a name to your show. You can give your show a description to describe the content or where the show will be played (i.e. Morning show for front lobby). Next you will need to select the time zone, this is for various widgets to function correctly such as the clock and weather widgets. Lastly you will need to select the resolution of your show. The resolution will depend on the capability of both the player and the TV that will be displaying your show. The name and resolution fields are mandatory.



When all the fields are completed, click the "Select a template" button.


This will bring you to a page where you can select from one of the standard static templates that have been pre-defined in the system.



There are a dozen or more standard layouts to choose from. By selecting from the drop down list you will see on the right hand side of this screen a graphical representation of the layout that you have selected, along with the dimensions of the panels that make up this layout.


See the example image below, for a 3 panel layout where one panel is a ticker



After selecting a layout you are also given the option to turn on borders, which will put a black 1 pixel line around each of the panels in the layout, this by default is turned off and we would recommend that you leave this off unless the border is desired.


Hit the "Next" button at the bottom once you have selected your layout.


You will then be automatically redirected to a new page that will look similar to this:


This is the main page for building your content Playlist for your Show. This screen highlights the panel which you are currently building a Playlist for.This screen is the same for every Show that you create. This Playlist page is where you will:


1.      Add content

2.      Select the panels to manage

3.      Preview and move content in the ordering, and

4.      Access the full scope of details of the content items.

5.      Upload CSV files to a watchfolder


Every time you create a new Show, a sample text slide is inserted in every panel as a content placeholder.This is necessary because the browser must have content to play or it will generate an error.When you add your own content slides, you can delete the placeholder text slides.


Congratulations you have now created your first Display5 show!That was pretty easy. Next we are going to look at how we now add our first content to a Show.